Soria 2023


Soria Community was born out of OMG Events in 2016 and has since gained about a thounds members nationwide. For the first time we invite everyone to gather for several days, each contributing to a collective celebration of our dear sun.

We are heliophiles
Lovers of the sun.

High vibes

We believe that cultural events should not be mass produced corporate initiatives. We strive to create events with both integrity and intention, inspired by our solar powered community. Some of our collaborators are avant-garde event and dancefloor producers within the techno, psytrance and ecstatic dance scenes. Expect high vibes.

The power of the sun

Our vision is to create cultural content that promotes liberation and human development. We believe that with the power of the sun, nothing is impossible

Creators festival

Soria Festival is a festival for and by creators, and is hosted in collaboration with various groups and communities like OMG Events (Oslo/Hgsd), Soria rec (Stvg), Westlands (Bergen), VikingVillage (Agder), Skogen (Tromsø), Midnight Sun Festival, Shepard Soundsystems, Soul Food and various others.

You are ofcourse also welcome as a participant and spectator as there are lots of content on offer.

Three stages, high-end soundsystems, 50+ artists
Check lineups here