Festival information

Our values


Our events have a community based nature, which means that they are supported by thousands of hours of collective effort. This is something we do together, with everyone’s best in mind. Please reach out if you want to be a part of it.


We will aspire you to express your true self, and ourselves be non-judgemental in return. Authenticity and realness is expected from all participants. Leave any ulterior motives behind.


We are in this together, and we will stay in this together. Forgiveness and acceptance is the way.   


This is our sacred space, and this is not a place to get drunk and intoxicated. Please stay alert, awake, vital and healthy. Respect the vibe. 


Recycle, and preserve mother earth, take care of each other, take care of yourself. Let there be gold dust in your footprints.


Stay away from cameras, cellphones and other electronic equipment as much as possible. This moment is the most precious gift, pay attention and you shall receive.

Music & art

In adition to ceremonial sun music one can expect hypnotic techno, psytrance and ecstatic dancemusic.
There will be a variety of landscape art, sun gates, temples and offerings for the sun.

Where is it and how to get there

Urestadveien 157, Hægebostad, Snartemo
Agder, Norway

The site is 10 mins walk from Snartemo train station. Trains here run regularly from Oslo, Kristiansand and Stavanger.

Stavanger, Kristiansand and Oslo have international airports.

Parking is only allowed at Snartemo Stasjon (10mins walk from the first festivalgate). Never attempt driving your car all the way to VikingVillage, it is dangerous.

Food & Drinks

There will be several external providers serving a variety of food and drinks throughout the festival in addition to the midsummer dinner buffet on thursday. One can also bring your own and cook it in the community kitchen at the camp.

There is a grocery shop 8 min drive from the festival gate, 50 min walk.


All trade in the festival will happen with our bong system called “Sol-coin” which can be bought at the festival office around the clock. The office accepts payments with both vipps and card, but cash is king due to shifting connection in the mountains.

1 SMALL SOLCOIN is 25 kr (purple)
1 BIG SOLCOIN is 250 kr (brown)

Camping & accomodation

VikingVillage is located in wild mountainous norwegian nature. There are limited flat spots suitable for tents; bookings at 500kr each. Unlimited amounts of hammock spots available for free. Tents can be booked here

One can park camper-vans at Snartemo Trainstation, 10 mins walk from the festival gate.
Absolutely no cars are allowed at VikingVillage, it is dangerous to drive all the way up.

Family & Children

Famillies with chilldren are welcome to the festival. Kids may have a great time at VikingVillage if they stay away from the music/dance stages at nighttime, but there will not be content purposely for children at the festival. No dogs are allowed at festivalgrounds.

Are you a merchant of any kind?

It is possible to buy and sell goods at the festival using our own festival currency Sol-coin which will be available in the mainoffice 24/7. Please get in touch with post@soria-community.no if you are a merchant or offer any paid services.

How to volunteer