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Soria Festival

- Flat fee per tent. Unlimited persons allowed per tent - Hammocks go for free - Festival guide will be sent to all ticketholders one week ahead of the event. EVENTGUIDE IS TO BE FOUND HERE IT CONTAINS CRUCIAL INFORMATION, PLEASE READ IT

Free – kr999.00

Soria Festival – special tickets

VikingVillage Urestadveien, Hægebostad

Build/rig up starts 12.06.23 Private afterparty for contributors, volunteers and artists 25.06.23 Rigdown finishes 27.06.23 Due to lack of flat area for tents we sell a limited number of tent spots for 500kr, hammocks go for free, and one can use allemannsretten and stay however one wants outside the festivalgate, or have a campervan at […]

kr500.00 – kr666.00